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Inflight Magazine CROATIA Autumn 2014

The titles are currently a sort of typographic image which works as a metaphor for one of the values of the topic. We are glad that this has been the case The winner of a public competition, wherein designers were invited to submit their proposals for the companys corporate identity, was a designer of Croatian origin, Vilim Vasata, a professor of communication design in Essen.

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Bilo je to, naime, posve drukije vrijeme od ovoga dananjega, kad je Republika Hrvatska lanica Europske unije. Besides, in the early 90s, the same layout standard was intro-duced into the companys calendars and thus, the overall image of the companys corporate identity was rounded off.

Photographer Damir Fabijani has played a key role in the communication and media formatting of the magazine. The rst issue of our companys in ight magazine was placed in seatback pockets in Solo exhibitions of his work have been mounted all over Europe and South America and he is best known for his book trilogy Dubrovnik The fact that there is a magazine out there which has been running for 20 consecu-tive years by the same team commands respect and also begs the question: F ni Potovani put ni ci.

So far, we have published 80 issues of Croatia magazine with the help of contributing authors, writers and photographers. Our summer issue wrote more extensively on this. Sinceshe has been the head of the Department of Company Design at Croatia Airlines, where she has acquired experience in all the stages of implementa-tion of complex corporate visual identity.

Od poetka smo teili tome da postignemo redovitost izlaenja te da svako godinje doba doekamo s novim brojem putnog asopisa. That was the beginning of a yet untold story of magazines which live midair to be read during ights, and often continue to live for quite a while in the homes of the passen-gers who have reached their destinations and decided to hold on to them, either as a keepsake or because of their content.

You will come to realise that seemingly clashing materials can work really well together and much, much more Kako su nam svi vani, a nemogue je sve spomenuti, ovom prigodom najsrdanije zahvaljujemo svima naim suradnicima koji su nam u proteklih dvadeset godina pomogli u ostvarenju tog cilja.

This is a special kind of magazine its niche market is well known; its distribution channel is almost free of charge, and its lifespan is longer than the lifespan of any other publication sold at newsstands or by subscription. With this kind of legacy, the in- ight maga-zine phenomenon reached its pinnacle in the 80s and welcomed the 90s.

The winner, designer Ivana Ivankovi, came on board and has systematically and con-sistently created the companys corporate identity ever since. Prvi broj kompanijskoga putnog a-sopisa jo je Ivana Ivankovi holds a masters degree in design from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb.

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kaže da je Panonija “zemlja urešena mnogim gradovima. na pragu sudbonosnoga 5. DESCRIPTION. Croatia Airlines inflight magazine, autumn issue TRANSCRIPT. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

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Raun diobe essay
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